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Welcome to Aegis Oil, LLC

There are many independent Oil and Natural Gas producers in the U.S. operating in 33 states and offshore. Independents drill 90 percent of the wells in the U.S.; they produce 68 percent of America's Oil, and 83 percent of Domestic Natural Gas.

Aegis Oil, LLC based in Plano Texas, is a domestic Oil and Natural Gas producer with expertise in making premium lease acquisitions in proven inside developmental areas. CEO Reagan Beason has over 30 years hands-on experience in virtually all phases of the industry having participated in over 300 projects. Mr. Beason was one of the first to bring in deep wells in the huge Bakken field in North Dakota in the mid 1990's.

Our current area of focus and opportunity is in one of the most sought after areas in the U.S., the booming West Texas Region and The Permian Basin.

The below map shows the concentration of production in this area.

Oil Pickup

Well Completion

Projects VIII and IX Tank Battery

We believe in the following principles of long-term success:

  • Focus on proven producing fields, lowering risk.
  • Maximize the value of our opportunities by increasing reserves while reducing cost.
  • Maintain a highly competitive team of experienced personnel, consultants and strategic alliances.
  • Operate on a low overhead cost structure;
  • Enhance the value of opportunities through next generation technology.

We look forward to providing you in-depth information on our company.


The Team at Aegis Oil, LLC

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