Why Invest in Aegis Oil and Gas Ventures?

  1. High Financial Rewards:
    • Aegis Oil and Gas Investments offer:
      • A Stable Company
      • Highly Experienced Personnel
      • High Standards of Integrity
      • The ability and experience to identify premium projects with a return of 25% - 75% plus on investment
    • Oil and Gas projects can return greater than a 10 to 1 Return On Investment over the life of the project.
  2. Risk vs Return:
    • With today's technology, over 90% of all wells drilled have a high probability of success.
    • Current projects would have a positive return even if the price of oil were to drop to $30 per barrel.
    • Available "Locked In" projects that provide the company's partners the potential to benefit dramatically should oil prices move higher.
  3. Tax Benefits:
    • Oil and Gas ventures are the strongest tax advantaged investment today, (as recognized by the IRS according to Newsweek Magazine).
    • Congress provides tax benefits to individual investors that are not available to large companies.
    • Oil and Gas ventures are generally 100% tax deductible; 50% to 75% of Investors' investments may be written off in the first year.
    • Tax deductions are available against Ordinary Income and Capital Gains.
    • In addition, 15% of all income is tax free through the Depletion Allowance.
  4. Competition:
    • Big oil companies have increasingly directed investments overseas; leaving behind billions of barrels of oil for dedicated domestic producers.

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