High Financial Rewards

Aegis Oil and Gas Investments offers:
  • A Stable Company
  • Highly Experienced Personnel
  • High Standards of Integrity
  • The ability and experience to identify premium projects with a return of 25% – 75% plus on investment
  • Oil and Gas projects can return greater than a 10 to 1 Return On Investment over the life of the project.

Risk vs. Return

Aegis Oil and Gas Investments offers:
  • With today’s technology, over 90% of all wells drilled have a high probability of success.
  • Current projects would have a positive return even if the price of oil were to drop to $30 per barrel.
  • Available “Locked In” projects that provide the company’s partners the potential to benefit dramatically should oil prices move higher.

Tax Benefits

Aegis Oil and Gas Investments offers:
  • Oil and Gas ventures are the strongest tax advantaged investment today, (as recognized by the IRS according to Newsweek Magazine).
  • Congress provides tax benefits to individual investors that are not available to large companies.
  • Oil and Gas ventures are generally 100% tax deductible; 50% to 75% of Investors’ investments may be written off in the first year.
  • Tax deductions are available against Ordinary Income and Capital Gains.
  • In addition, 15% of all income is tax free through the Depletion Allowance.


Aegis Oil and Gas Investments offers:
  • Big oil companies have increasingly directed investments overseas; leaving behind billions of barrels of oil for dedicated domestic producers.

A Letter From the President

Every prospective venture evaluated by AEGIS is first evaluated for 1) return on investment potential, and if the prospective venture meets AEGIS’ potential return on investment requirements, the prospective venture is then evaluated for 2) potential risk.

Our investment strategy in oil and gas exploration centers around our objective to maximize the potential return on investment and to attempt to minimize the potential risk for our venture partners and ourselves. The best strategy for attempting to minimize risk in a prospective venture is to drill in areas where there are known oil and natural gas reserves in the target formation indicated by the presence of any past or present producing wells, produced or producing from the target formation.

This investment strategy requires AEGIS to focus on the drilling of development wells versus the drilling of exploratory wells, that is, drilling wells in areas where there are wells known to have been completed in and produced from the target formation in fields which our geologists believe there to be substantial oil and natural gas reserves to be present. This process requires extensive research which is requisite for the development of a successful venture.

In seeking venture partners, AEGIS OIL LLC is interested in knowledgeable partners who actively wish to participate in the exciting and potentially profitable business of oil and gas exploration.

Reagan Beason

Aegis Oil, LLC

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